Welcome to the home base. My name is Alex and I have come to your planet in order to spread the ideals of everything pinku. 


Alex has been doing dance covers on YouTube of Japanese Pop music for eight years. In that time, she joined a dance group called DtP who travel to anime & Japanese culture conventions across the East Coast of the United States to hold dance gatherings. She began cosplaying in this time as well. She started (& ended) attending college for Game Design. She’s lived in four radically different cities and two countries. She has started her own small business on Etsy called Pinku Planet, selling J-fashion inspired clothing and accessories. But this is only the beginning. She has many plans and mediums of art still to share with you.

Currently, she lives in the Phoenix area of Arizona and often travels for conventions. Alex wants to spread her love of Japanese music and pop culture for all the world to see. Not just the music, the dances, or fashion. But the idea that hard work and following your dreams are important. There is something special about Japanese idols and the aura that they produce. She hopes to capture even a fraction of that for you in her own performances.

“ Thank you for your continued support as we stumble through life together! I promise to do my best, if you do too. “


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Photos by Christine Florence Photography.