Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Quite the delay - but better late than never! I want to be sure to document the events that I go to, so lets start from the beginning!

I wanted to write a little about my experience at Anime Weekend Atlanta last fall! This was my first time attending this convention, and my reason for going was because I was accepted to perform in the Starlight Idol Festival, and also ended up performing with my good friend Julily on the Kira Kira Pop Stage.  

This was my first time performing on stage by myself, and my first time singing in front of people outside of karaoke.


I was so incredibly nervous to be performing alongside seasoned performers. This was a huge wall for me to break down. I’ve had a few bad experiences singing and performing alone and so I really had convinced myself that I would never be able to do it. But I decided I was being too dramatic and that I wouldn’t ever know if I didn’t try.

And I’m so excited that I did, because I’m thrilled to be able to grow and improve. And to put on even better performances in the future. So I am forever thankful to the SIF team for accepting me. I can’t wait to work with you all in the future! All the performers were so supportive of each other. I feel so blessed to have my first performance be in a room full of people who are truly passionate about idols. Every single act really put their best on that stage and inspired me to keep pushing.

This was an idol-filled convention and that’s part of the reason why I had so much fun. Between SIF, the Kira Kira Pop stage (where you could just hang out in the food court, eat, and watch cute girls all day. Talk about a dream come true??), the fashion show, and of course, the STARMARIE concert… it was nonstop idol. And I loved every second of it.

I sincerely hope that AWA continues to promote this kind of programming in the future, because it was so welcomed and appreciated by this community. To see so many member of the Overseas Idol Collection together in person was so special. I don’t take a single moment of this for granted. In the future, these blog posts will be a lot more in depth about my experience at the convention! I hope you’ll look forward to it.

Thank you! Until we meet again… ~

Love & Stars,

From Left To Right: Danzoo -> Dash, Alex Pinku, MilkyKitty, Tambourine, Galaxy Girl Paida, Cherry Wallflower, STARMARIE

From Left To Right: Danzoo -> Dash, Alex Pinku, MilkyKitty, Tambourine, Galaxy Girl Paida, Cherry Wallflower, STARMARIE